Pages from Injalak Hill Rock Art book published by Injalak Arts July 2018

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Injalak Arts Publications

Injalak Arts has produced three books in the last three years – two children’s book and Injalak Hill Rock Art book. All are available from Provenance Arts.

Injalak Hill Rock Art Book

Printed and launched at Provenance Arts in Darwin in July 2018, this book has been a few years in gestation but the wait was worth it. It’s the idea companion for anyone going on the Injalak Hill Rock Art Tour being A5 in size with 44 pages in full color and detailed information about the history and context of the rock art on Injalak Hill.

The Kunwinjku Counting Book

Published in 2016 by Injalak Arts and launched alongside the collection of original artworks at Nomad Art in Darwin, this book has become a bestseller. Gabriel Maralngurra, co-founder of Injalak Arts and now also co-manager, created 14 beautiful original paintings that have been used as illustrations for the book. He also contributed to the text with knowledge and anecdotes about the different animals he had painted. The hardback rights have been acquired by Enchanted Lion and it is scheduled for publication in 2019.

Gabriel Maralgnurra the illustrator and text co-writer, centre, with daughter Gabriella and designer Amber Young at The Kunwinjku Counting Book Launch