Art forms

Pandanus woven mat from Gapuwiyak Arts featured at Tarnanthi Art Fair

You may be surprised by the diversity of artforms our artists create – come and see

Artists and craftspeople are working in an astonishing range of artforms and media. At Provenance Arts, we have gathered a diverse range of paintings, large and small sculptures, ceramics, natural fibre weavings, hand-printed fabrics, clothing, homewares, jewellery and more.

Exquisite Larrakitj (mortuary hollow logs) from Buku Larrnngay Mulka, Yirrkala

We want you to see the best that Australia has to offer, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Every item is presented with respect and quality interpretive information. The provenance of all artworks is provided at the point of sale.

Joe Guymala with a freshly harvested slab of bark near Manmoyi in western Arnhem Land. It now requires fire treatment, stripping and flattening before painting.

The women in remote communities are especially skilled in fibre arts and create both utilitarian and sculptural objects. For millennia knowledge of fibre preparation and weaving has been essential to daily life and also incorporated into ceremonial life.

Norma weaving a Pandanus basket at Injalak Arts