Norma weaving a Pandanus basket at Injalak Arts

A number of talented Aboriginal artists and craftspeople from remote communities live in and visit Darwin for health and family reasons. This gives us a pool of demonstrators happy to share their skills and knowledge.

We are all kinaesthetic learners and to see creative processes up close, such as weaving and painting, is enthralling and helps us understand the the techniques, skills required and meaning. Many visitors to Darwin are hoping to find a place where they can meet and learn about culture and heritage from an Indigenous person – well now they can! Provenance Arts provides the space and creates the opportunities to listen, watch and learn.

Demonstrating the technique for making a circular woven bag

Provenance Arts has a network of Aboriginal people who live in or visit Darwin, some are Kunwinjku people who belong to our Association, others come from other remote communities. As a regional hub, the city of Darwin is where remote residents come to live for education and medical treatment. Through paying fees to demonstrators we offer livelihood opportunities for experienced demonstrators who enjoy sharing their skills.